OPT 1; A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy 12-13.11.2018

} 12.-13.11.2018 klo 8.30-16.00 (16.30) Helsinki (tarkempi paikka ilmoitetaan myöhemmin)

Prensented by Renee Roy Hill, MS, CCC-SLP

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson´s innovative tactile-sensory approach to speech therapy uses therapy tools to train and transition muscle movements for speech production. Learn how 40 highly motivating motor activities can be used to improve phonation, resonation, and speech clarity.
Interactive, hands-on demonstrations will focus on therapeutically sound techniques to develop oral placement movements for improved speech clarity. Muscles of the abdomen, velum, jaw, lips, and tongue will be discussed within the parameters of movements necessary for speech production. Developmentally appropiate motor movements for speech are therapeutically targeted using highly motivating techniques appropiate for children and adults.

Learning Outcomes
1. Appropiately assess oral placement/feeding/speech problems based on muscle systems
2. Intergrate hierarchies for motor dissociation and grading ( jaw-lips-tongue )
3. Plan programs of therapeutic intervention to address physiological and motor-based speech disorders
4. Appropiately apply at least 10 new therapy techniques
5. Learn to use oral placement therapy techniques to improve individual speech clarity and production

8.30am -12.00pm
A. Theories of Oral Placement ( Muscle-Based) Therapy
B. Oral Placement Therapy: The ”why”, ”when” and ”who”

A. The muscle Movements Necessary for Speech Clarity Emergence or Speech Clarity Correction
B. Oral Habits: Prolonged Thumb Sucking, Pacifier usage, Teeth Grinding and Drooling
C. Oral Habits: What is the Commonality and How Can They Be Eliminated

A. Treatment.. Treatment….Treatment: Muscle-Based Exercises for Speech Clarity
B. Activities to Improve Abdominal Grading and Breath Support. ”Its not the horn; It´s the hierarchy of movements”
C. Improving Velo-pharyngeal Fuctioning Using Muscle-Based, Oral Placement Interventions.

A. Jaw Exercises – Stability in the Jaw is Necessary for Mobility in the Lips and Tongue
B. Lip movements necessary for Speech Clarity
C. Tongue movements for Speech Clarity
D. Program Planning: Putting It All Together

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Ajankohta:12.-13.11.2018 klo 8.30-16.00 (16.30)
Koulutus:OPT 1; A Three-Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy 12-13.11.2018
Kouluttajat:Renee Roy Hill, M.S., CCC-SLP
Koulutuskieli:Englanti, ei tulkkausta
Paikka:Helsinki (tarkempi paikka ilmoitetaan myöhemmin)
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